Evacuated from the Thomas Fire, three Montecito friends -- Eric Phillips, Pat Smith, and Sheila Herman – met up in Los Angeles where they anxiously awaited news and the fate of their homes. Marveling at the heroism of the first responders, they all agreed: when the fire was finally contained, the men and women of the fire, police, sheriff and CHP would need to be properly thanked. Their friends, Patrick and Ursula Nesbitt, agreed to host an event at their estate and the idea soon took off. The first committee meeting was held Christmas Eve and in just over a week nearly $250,000 had been raised.

After the flood, this dedicated team decided to rebrand their effort as “One805” to reflect a desire to unify and heal as a community and in order to honor both our First Responders and the Thomas Flood victims.

One805 is the organizing team of Kick Ash Bash”, a first of its kind event to bring together Fire, Police, Sheriff, and CHP - under one banner and the only event to honor both our First Responders and the Thomas Flood victims. The event will take place on Sunday February 25, 2018 from 12 – 6pm with an expected 2,500+ people in attendance. Sited at the spectacular Nesbitt Bella Vista Estate in Summerland, the event will be part music festival, part family fair, and 100% about bringing our community together in the aftermath of tragedy. With live music, food, drink, and entertainment for the kids, the event has been completely underwritten by the immediate and extraordinary generosity of individuals and local foundations.

Who Benefits?  All funds raised will be routed through the Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance. From there a beneficiary committee comprised of first responders from County Fire, City Fire, City Police, CHP and Sheriff Departments will determine the allocation of funds and equipment purchases. Direct Relief International CEO, Thomas Tighe, will serve on the committee to determine funds for survivor relief. 

It’s really a collaborative process for those of us serving on One805’s beneficiary community. Essentially, we all take off our badges and say ‘Ok, what does our community need most.’”- Santa Barbara City Fire Chief, Pat McElroy. 

Already, One805 has raised more than $1 million and has contributed to two urgently-needed mobile command centers and professional counseling services for first responders emotionally affected by the disaster. There is a lot of need right now in this community. One805 is a great option for those who want their contributions to have wide-reaching and lasting impact. We are letting those who serve on the front lines determine the best use of funds raised.   

Who manages the funds raised? Senior representatives from Santa Barbara’s Police, Fire, and Sheriff are all on the committee. All funds are being directed to the Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance -- a 501(c)3 – which will distribute them to all first responder organizations. 





Eric Phillips & Patrick Nesbitt


Sheriff Bill Brown
Chief Pat McElroy
Chief Chip Hickman
Officer Greg Hons
Lt. Kevin Huddle
Chief Lori Luhnow
Captain Tony Pighetti
Captain Cindy Pontes


Paul Cashman
Kirsten Cavendish
Officer Greg Hons
Pat Nesbitt
Tom Parker
Eric Phillips
Pat Smith
Diana Starr Langley
Richard Weston-Smith
Leanne R Wood


Diana Starr Langley, Budget & Finance and
Food & Beverage
Tom Parker, Personal & Corporate Giving
Kirsten Cavendish, Entertainment Committee and
Video & Photography
Richard Weston Smith, Marketing & PR
Mike McGrew, Venue & Operations and Volunteers
Officer Greg Hons, Philanthropy/Beneficiaries and
Venue & Operations
Captain Tony Pighetti, Philanthropy/Beneficiaries
Karla Blackwell, Kids Festival
Ali Ahlstrand, Guest/Talent accomodations
Warner Anderson, Parking
Holly Murphey, Raffle


Mary Bahnken     
Tracy Bollag   
Debbie Borden
Sarah-Bimah Burke  
James Darnborough   
Lisa Douglas   
Mike Eliason
Hayley Fedders      
Joanne Funari
Casey Geeb  
Caroline Harrah   
Sheila Herman     
Andria Kahmann     
Elliot Lowndes
Erinn Lynch
Diana MacFarlane  
Ian Mather   
Alixe Mattingly      
Arlene Montesano      
Ursula Nesbitt      
Jimmy Nigro
Colette Nottage Crafton     
Robyn Parker
Alan & Lisa Parsons  
Lee Phillips   
Marla McNally Phillips   
Nina Phillips
Hannah Raphael   
Catherine Remak
Tom Rollerson
Regina Ruiz  
Lisa Sands  
Denise Sanford
Anne and Alan Sides   
Roxie Solakian  
John and Olesya Thyne
Mick Treadwell   
Arabella Weston-Smith